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Hello! This site mostly serves as a mirror and less restrictive hosting site for my Tumblr blog of the same name, since I don't feel comfortable uploading the works (that will eventually be) here to Archive Of Our Own, and you could not pay me to go back to Twitter. Tumblr is where I also take writing requests, so here's some guidelines for anyone interested:

You are allowed to submit requests for any character and/or pairing, along with any specific kinks/scenarios you want to include. However, I also reserve the right to turn down a request for whatever reason. I don't say this to be rude - just to establish that although I am open to exploration, I have preferences just like anyone else, and not everything is gonna be a hit.

I would only really consider writing reader-inserts for the gals of Welcome Home. Not because I have a moral issue with reader inserts of male or masc-aligned characters, but because I'm way too much of a dyke lmao.

I am unfamiliar with most AUs, let alone with whether or not their creators are okay with NSFW material of said AUs. General AU prompts are fair game, but if you request something involving an AU made by a specific creator, chances are I'm not gonna know what you're talking about, or be comfortable with writing it if I don't know said creator personally.

If you recognize me from any SFW blogs I have, I would prefer it if you didn't say anything publicly.

If you pull any of this shit I will block you:

Posting or requesting kodocon or incest.

Bigoted behavior (i.e. homo/transphobia, sexism, racism, ableism, etc.)

Interacting while still being under 18 or having no listed age.

Spreading misinformation about the creation of the #PlayfellowXXX tag (ex. claiming that Clown was "forced" into making it or whatever.)